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What I am doing nowPosted by Peter 2015-07-21 20:16:30
OK, so I don't post very often... But here's something of substance: The first of many bloggings about my new german-language project, Die Orks! And don't worry, they left my English comments in there.

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Posted by Michael Heitz 2015-12-17 23:45:51

REALLY looking forward to that comic. I LOVED those novels, as they showed classic Orks as they should be: Hilariously dumb brutes, jumping from one mishap to another, all in a funny and entertaining setting.
Kudos that someone finally brings those guys on paper....this is actually the comic I am looking most forward to in 2016 :)
Rammars face REALLY captures his (not too noble, intelligent or subtle ;) ) personality :)