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Not a bad week -

NewsPosted by Peter 2013-04-02 17:54:33
- not bad at all...
But then, how can it be otherwise when you have the likes of Dave Stewart and Delphine Rieu in your corner?

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World War X - 1/Helius

NewsPosted by Peter 2013-01-16 18:00:15
Big news in the new year! The first of a series of 3, out from Le Lombard! What, it's in French, you say? You can't read that? Sure you can, don't be silly. Otherwise you'll just have to find an English-language publisher and beat them 'round the head with rolled-up copies of Secret Wars, untill they give in and put it out in a language you can.

Script from the weird brain of M. Jerry Frissen, and colours by the ravishing Mlle Delphine Rieu.,2540.html

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Death in the Everglades.

What I am doing nowPosted by Peter 2012-09-11 23:03:31
More World War X colour courtesy of the talented Mlle Delphine RIEU.

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Hanging with the ROCK STARS!

What I am doing nowPosted by Peter 2012-09-11 22:27:20
The William Blakes, “Hope and Destruction”

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ArtwisePosted by Peter 2012-08-13 23:51:01
So, there's not much on this blog, is there? Problem is, a cartoonists' work is actually pretty dull... sit down in the morning, draw, go home, drink a beer, watch TV, whatever. Repeat for a few months. Plop! a comic books pops out. Take the afternoon off. Ok, back to the drawing board now.

So, in order to have something to write about, I've decided to mention things that are not of my own doing, things I love but suspect might need even more love. For starters:


Ragemoor is the return of the fabulous team of Richard Corben and Jan Strnad, and it's just one of those things, I don't care how much love it gets - I actually suspect it's a good deal. But hell, this could never get enough. When I was a tiny little artist in the old days, nothing would make my day as discovering a hitherto unknown Corben book, and no Corben comic could make my day like one scripted by Strnad. This is just the best thing ever.

Ragemoor has it all. It has baboons and nasty things in the basement and the best parody of Poe you'll find in any funnybook anywhere. Everybody is suitably doomed and comes to a sticky end. It even has a character that looks like he came straight out of a early 20th century performance of an Italian opera.

Out from Dark Horse. Go give it some love.

I mean, isn't it lovely? Copyright Richard Corben and Jan Strnad, natcherly.

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BPRD: A Cold Day in Hell

NewsPosted by Peter 2012-08-13 23:30:59
So, summer is almost over, even if it feels like it's just started. What can I say? A Cold Day in Hell is wrapped up for my part, well ahead of schedule too, that must be a first.I don't suppose I can show too much yet, but I was happy to get to work on these little guys. For now, I'm back on WWX, still due for 2013...

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Interview at Trip City

NewsPosted by Peter 2012-04-09 12:19:51
The multi-talented Palle Schmidt has an interview with yours truly at TRIP CITY. Hear the squeeky voice of truth at

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Des dieux et des hommes

NewsPosted by Peter 2012-02-20 21:34:22
Gorgeous colours by Florence Spitéri starting to come in for Des dieux et des hommes volume 4, out soon from Dargaud (we hope).

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