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Die OrksWhat I am doing now

Posted by Peter 2015-07-21 20:16:30

Blog imageOK, so I don't post very often... But here's something of substance: The first of many bloggings about my new german-language project, Die Orks! And don't worry, they left my English comments in there.

Copenhagen Comics 2015News

Posted by Peter 2015-05-20 22:19:09

I will of course be at Copenhagen Comics, June 6-7 2015 in Copenhagen!
See more at

Comic Action Essen 2014News

Posted by Peter 2014-10-05 17:32:22

I will be attending the Comics Action festival in Essen, Germany, as the guest of the very nice people at Cross Cult, who are publishing a brand new German edition of Light Brigade, called Light Brigade in German, too, so there's no misunderstanding! And not only that, but I have some very interesting things going on with Cross Cult that I can't wait to share - suffice to say that it has involved me reading several hundred pages of fantasy in German, a feat that I am burstingly proud off, and which would have filled my old German teacher with amazement and disbelief, I am sure.Blog image

Anybody remember Zipatone?Artwise

Posted by Peter 2014-08-08 21:41:07

Blog imageI hardly do myself. Illustration ca. 1990-?

Quai de Bulles Festival, St Malo News

Posted by Peter 2013-10-23 11:20:31

I will be at the St Malo comics festival, Quai de Bulles this coming weekend, October 25-27. Check out the festival here:
Come and get a signed copy of the World War X trilogy, bring oysters and cider or whatever it is you drink in Bretagne. And squid. The festival seems to have a bit of a tentacle fixation.
Blog image
I'll be at the Lombard booth at the following times:
Friday : 16h - 19h
Saturday : 10h-13h
Sunday : 10h-13h


St Bogdag på Hald HovedgaardWhat I am doing now

Posted by Peter 2013-08-01 15:35:34

A public service announcement in Danish: Jeg optræder på slap line på St Bogdag på Hald Hovedgaard lørdag d 10 august. Kom og få en signatur, en tegning eller en på skrinet, køb dejlige plakater mm!Blog image

Copenhagen Comics 1. & 2. June 2013News

Posted by Peter 2013-05-27 10:11:35

So, today begins the count-down for Copenhagen Comics 2013. I will be there of course, at various places, if you want a chat.

As a special treat for the festival, I have teamed up with Galleri to reproduce four of the original Light Brigade covers as an exclusive series of high-grade art prints, limited to 50 copies each. Measuring 37 X 53 on Maob Entrada Natural 100% cotton paper, utilising a special print technology to fully reproduce Bjarne Hansen's vibrant colours, these are the highest quality reproductions possible. Signed and numbered, they can be purchased at ComicArt's stand at the festival, and if you show up at the right time, I'll give you a personalised squiggle and a handshake in the bargain.

Blog image

Hey, I thought I told you to smile in that picture, RoboSnejbjerg no. 617. Back to recycling with you!

Stockholm 26-28th AprilWhat I am doing now

Posted by Peter 2013-04-24 18:42:35

I'll be at the Stockholm International Comics Festival this weekend, at Kulturhuset. I'm on stage making a spectacle of myself Saturday 3:30 pm. Drop by and say hello, if you're in the neighborhood.