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Anybody remember Zipatone?

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2014-08-08 21:41:07
I hardly do myself. Illustration ca. 1990-?

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ArtwisePosted by Peter 2012-08-13 23:51:01
So, there's not much on this blog, is there? Problem is, a cartoonists' work is actually pretty dull... sit down in the morning, draw, go home, drink a beer, watch TV, whatever. Repeat for a few months. Plop! a comic books pops out. Take the afternoon off. Ok, back to the drawing board now.

So, in order to have something to write about, I've decided to mention things that are not of my own doing, things I love but suspect might need even more love. For starters:


Ragemoor is the return of the fabulous team of Richard Corben and Jan Strnad, and it's just one of those things, I don't care how much love it gets - I actually suspect it's a good deal. But hell, this could never get enough. When I was a tiny little artist in the old days, nothing would make my day as discovering a hitherto unknown Corben book, and no Corben comic could make my day like one scripted by Strnad. This is just the best thing ever.

Ragemoor has it all. It has baboons and nasty things in the basement and the best parody of Poe you'll find in any funnybook anywhere. Everybody is suitably doomed and comes to a sticky end. It even has a character that looks like he came straight out of a early 20th century performance of an Italian opera.

Out from Dark Horse. Go give it some love.

I mean, isn't it lovely? Copyright Richard Corben and Jan Strnad, natcherly.

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Happy New Year

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2011-01-04 10:26:30
Nice to start to up with this... pre-teen thrills and chills from Danish publisher Rosinante. Oh,and it's all digital, every line. Can you tell?

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More WWX

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2010-10-31 22:32:31
Not getting to NY was really depressing, but as we all know, feeling bad is the fuel of artistic expression. So I keep banging out WWX pages:

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Fun stuff to draw

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2009-03-12 22:54:39
Cover the, ahem, somewhat delayed second book in the Danish easy reader series I'm doing. With a job like this, I can't complain. Well, they could pay me better, but hey.

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Hot Dog!

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2008-12-30 18:18:19
Sozzling Snejbjerg and Ole Comoll, the Drinking Doctor have designed their first beer label! Beer Dog is an American style lager, nice and hoppy. In case you're in Copenhagen, drop into ├śrsted in Farimagsgade - Kim has it on tab too!

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If Lovecraft designed Xmas Decorations

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2008-11-30 20:39:08
This eldritch horror manifests in our home every year around Christmas. It haunts the dreams of psychics and aesthetes all over the neighborhood, and doesn't go away until well into the new year. Note the non euclidean geometry and the sickening, otherworldly proportions. Any demonologists out there who might be able to identify it, please drop me a line.

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Look, Ma, it's the End of The World!

ArtwisePosted by Peter 2008-11-19 21:11:08
Going through my mother's house I found a book I remember from my childhood- Louis Moe's Ragnarok from 1929. No, I'm not that old. The book is. Wiseass.
Blog ImageThese illustrations made an indelible impression on me as a kid... I think I can even recognize some of the compositions from my own stuff. Not that i'd steal or anything, mind you. Subliminal influences and all that.

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